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Linda has painted for as long as she can remember. Growing up in a creative home, she seemed to have the art gene in her and was easily inspired by her surroundings.

In 2012 she had her first art exhibition and sold most of her paintings. Followed by another successful solo exhibition in the beautiful city Stockholm.


She flipped her summer home in Sweden into her personal cozy art studio which became a natural place for Linda to spend her time. Linda’s colorful portraits and personal impressions from life experiences have become her trademark. The motifs reflect women she has encountered or the women who exist within her. Her artwork repeatedly shows strong emotions and sometimes real stories that she shares with her viewers. All the paintings have names or titles which is a testament to Lindas personal involvement with her art.


Linda has been living in Los Angeles for 6 years and devotes herself full time to her creative endeavors with art as her primary dedication. She also merges her art with her fashion design by hand painting garments. Linda Celine is represented in Sweden, Italy and the United States.

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